Monday, October 6, 2014

Janice Rhodes has added new Encaustics in Red Chair Gallery

"The Kimono" has just been hung at the Red Chair Gallery in Bend. Here is what I've done in wax:

I kept the background to a minimum, then using black and white striped paper, covered with a clear beeswax, attempted to create a Geisha in motion....taking delicate steps. I have added hints of red in a hair clasp and her lips, and skin tone. The encaustic work is 22" x 26".

This fall I am also exhibiting the tallest work I've done in beeswax. Here is what "The Best of Times" looks like:
20" across, but 60" high!  No doubt an observer's eyes go to the man on stilts, but my hope is that they are drawn to the little girl looking up in awe.

Unlike other art mediums (pastel, oil, acrylic), working with very hot beeswax, the surface you are painting has to be level. It requires working from each side of the painting, then moving up and down the 5 foot length.

The image depicts a street fair with the landmark Tower Theater sign in the background. I hope it reminds you of the best of times.

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