Wednesday, November 12, 2014

plein air painting is a practice of painting outdoors with changing light, wind and all the other thing that make being outside so unpredictable and real. Using two eyes instead of the flattened unchanging  image of the single eye  camera,

many painters use these creations to educate them for a studio piece. Others, the fresh and spontaneous creation can be the art form unto itself.

some painters record exactness, while others register color, or just use the experience to interpret feeling.

 Your meditation in motion, your changing aesthetic, your self reflection in how you solved a visual problem are all benefits of this unique practice.

As Plein air gains in a new popularity through out the United States, organizations of like minded people gather and meditate and share with each other not the greatness of the end result but the record of mindfulness, the undying beauty of personal marks beyond judgment.

in this place of pure freedom perhaps a metaphor for life, what are we to do with it.
 most of all stay in process, chase your excitement, and be kind to all things.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

outdoor murals are of source for significant difficulty due to heat, rain, bright sun, and traffic.
after a june start and stopping july and aug for traffic and heat have now finished a 60 foot mural that is a recreation of an historical previous mural that had bleached out by the sun. The  story of the image is of 1921 before the change in the law that required residents to keep their chicken penned up.
without this law the chickens were creating trouble with getting around town, also historic businesses  are portrayed.