Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Award winning fine art photographer Richard Frederick  is using a photographic process that is over 150 years old to create stunning black & white photographic prints with exceptional clarity and tonal separation. Using a custom mixture that he creates in his darkroom with Platinum*, Palladium* and other chemicals, he hand coats specialized papers with this emulsion to render them sensitive to light. The latent image is formed on the sensitized paper by placing a negative in contact with it and exposing this “sandwich” under an intense light source rich in ultraviolet content. The exposed paper is then taken into the darkroom where it is developed in a different chemical mixture. Palladium prints are highly archival (meaning they will never fade) and are treasured by many fine art collectors.
Frederick also produces large color prints that are printed on canvas and other media.



Thursday, November 8, 2012

Helen Brown and Some Earthly Delights!

In Tumalo Art Co.’s November show “Earthly Delights”, Helen Brown has 11 new paintings (no, wait – now it's only 10) in an exhibit with Marty Stewart. The work features scenes from nature that delight the eye and also move the viewer to interpret these scenes as precious earthly assets we all need to protect.

Helen Brown’s current work is a form of batik in watercolor. She draws her images on Ginwashi rice paper, begins with a light, colorful wash of watercolor, and then protects the lightest areas by painting them with molten wax. The wax resists all subsequent layers of paint. After about 6-8 layers of painting followed by more wax, she irons out the wax leaving only a watercolor image on paper. The subjects in her November show range from mountain scenes in Central Oregon and Glacier National Park to her more familiar tree scenes.

Stop by and see!  The Tumalo Art Co. Gallery is open 7 days-a-week, Monday-Saturday 10:00 am-8:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am-6:00 pm. and is located in Bend's Old Mill District at 450 SW Powerhouse Dr. #407.

For more information visit the Tumalo Art Co. website or Helen Brown's site.  You can also Find Helen on Facebook! Visit her page here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Article for Cloth, Paper Scissors

The box is packed and ready to ship.  Sample postcards are carefully wrapped and example art supplies are in their separate zip-locked baggie.  I even put in some Hershey's kisses for the editors.  My article, Painted Postcards is ready to go and will be published in the Cloth, Paper Scissors magazine - March/April 2013 issue.  It took longer than expected to create all the samples required for the article but it was so much fun to do.  I hope you will read the article when it is published next year!