Friday, October 17, 2014

Jacqueline to Teach at Seattle's First CREATE Art Retreat

Jacqueline Newbold will be teaching four watercolor and mixed media classes a the very first CREATE ever held in Seattle.  She has taught at the Chicago CREATE and the Irvine CREATE in past years.  Jacqueline says, "I adore my students! They keep me motivated and inquisitive.  I know that as I am getting ready to teach at Seattle's CREATE Art Retreat, I will be meeting new students as well as many that have taken classes from me before.  I want to offer new and exciting ways to draw, paint, add to journals, create and explore.  As I am organizing and packing my boxes of art supplies I can't help to try new things.  It makes the preparation for my class take longer but it is so fun to offer new and creative ways to do the art that I like to do!"

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