Saturday, March 2, 2013

VIVIAN OLSEN - Featured Artist for March

               What  comes first - Emotion or Creativity?

Vivian Olsen
As an artist Vivian draws inspiration for paintings from her imagination and from distant memories of animals and places she has loved. Animals give her a sense of peace and calm and represent her conception of what is most perfect and good, so in her paintings she depicts her subjects as peaceful and beautiful creatures. The themes of her paintings are peace, joy, simplicity, and beauty.

Color plays a major role in her paintings because of the emotional feelings and reactions colors can impart.  She loves to use golds, oranges, and reds along with the earth colors of nature to create strong contrasts.  She designs her compositions with curves which provide the viewer with an easy visual movement through her painting
'Quail Family Hideaway'    Oil
and furthers a sense of tranquility.

She says,  “I love the act of painting because it minimizes stress as I move into what I call my “art zone”.

Vivian asks, “Does the ACT of painting STIR up deep emotional feelings, or is it necessary to have the emotions FIRST to even be ABLE to create?”

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