Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poppies in Provence

 Newbold's "Coquelicots de Provence" (watercolor, 20” x 24”)   
"You've seen them in photos and paintings: those shimmering fields full of glorious red poppies in Provence. (They're so gorgeous they actually stop traffic; people see them, pull over and spring from their cars, cameras and sketchbooks in hand.) Well here's your chance to experience them firsthand, with a well-known, fully bilingual artist/instructor as your guide." 
Free-range food and travel writer, Julie Mautner, has blogged about Jacqueline Newbold's painting trip to Provence coming up in May! She is a beautiful writer and shares the joys of Provence. Check out her blog, leave a comment, and be sure to sign up to “follow” her posts.

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