Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kaseberg at Studio West in Eugene

Cameron Kaseberg may becoming known as the artist who has taken the solvent transfer process of image making further than any artist working today. He has developed the once obscure process, brought to prominence in the 1950s by Robert Rauchenberg, to new levels of expressiveness. In Northwest regional exhibits and at national art fairs, Kaseberg's works have been received with enthusiasm for their inventiveness and as expressions of human sensibilities.

What Kaseberg expresses in his work is based on his background of having been raised on a ranch in Eastern Oregon, having been educated in excellent schools and having lived long enough to reflect on life through his art work in ways that seem to appeal to the many who collect his work.
An exhibit of Cameron's work is currently featured at the Studio West Gallery in Eugene, Oregon through June 1, 2011. The gallery is part of the Lane Arts Council's First Friday ArtWalk each month. On the April 1st ArtWalk, Cameron will be at the gallery between 6pm and 9pm.

A fine art gallery and glass blowing studio, Studio West is located at 245 West 8th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon (541-683-WEST). For more information on Cameron's work or to receive his newsletter, visit www.kaseberg.com.

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