Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My little sketchbook is finished!

Thank you for all your suggestions for the last "pile" in my accordian-fold book. It was hard to pick between marbles, paperclips, pickles, postcards, eggs and more.... but I settled on the marble idea (thanks, MaryAnn Bake) and did a pile of glass ocean floats.  They might not be that interesting, but I liked the challenge of making them translucent so you can make out some of the floats underneath.

Pile of Floats, the last page of my sketchbook

There you have it. I have two more folding books ready and I am thinking about my next series. What'll it be?  Thanks for reading this three-part blog from the High Desert Art League. Stay in touch and you'll hear from another member of the group soon!

Helen Brown
Sunriver, Oregon

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