Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here's a book you might like!

Interesting Art read!

The book "The Art Forger" a novel by B.A. Shapiro was recommended to me by a friend. I just started it and am enjoying it very much. It is about a young artist in Boston who makes her meager living by reproducing the masters in oil and sells them as copies (so it is legal). Her hunger for a solo show in a reputable gallery tempts her to paint reproductions as forgeries (so it is NOT legal). I won't ruin it for you...and I haven't finished, so I really can't ruin it too much...but I am finding it very interesting as she struggles with things that all artists struggle with.  She gets rejected from shows, she worries how her art is perceived, she laps up praise and agonizes over which pieces to show to the gallery owner. I will blog again after I have finished it, but I'm guessing my critique will be positive!

Helen Brown
High Desert Art League

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