Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Joren Traveller - Sculptor

And Now -  Branching out into Oil Painting

Joren Traveller
Each year I travel to the South West to visit Utah and the Canyon Lands and am inspired by the beauty there. It seemed natural to try to capture that beauty with art.  Unfortunately, sculpture is not the medium to do that, so I began painting.  

Friesien Fantasy

First I tried pastel, then acrylic and watercolor, and now I have progressed to thoroughly enjoying oil painting.To assist my knowledge of this media I have taken a figurative and still life workshop with Sherri McGraw when she came to Bend last year.  I am currently taking a course at COCC with Katherine Taylor and look forward to working with her again in the future. 

Kitty's Car
Climber Ascending I

I am also very fortunate to be a part of a small, knowledgeable critique group of excellent local artists  that have inspired and encouraged me to paint.
Sassy - Bronze
McKensie River Takeout

This month I have a show at Alleda Real Estate in Bend and will be displaying some of my recent painting as well as a few of my bronze and ceramic pieces.  I am also represented by the Red Chair Gallery where many of my bronzes and ceramics are on display for sale.

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  1. Joren, you are a gifted artist--no matter the medium. Can't wait to see some of your oils!