Friday, April 5, 2013

It's First Friday: High Desert Art League Events!

It's Friday, April 5th. Get out and enjoy Bend, Oregon's First Friday with members of the High Desert Art League.

Helen Brown and David Kinker are exhibiting in the "Art About the Earth" show at the Tumalo Art Co. in Bend's Old Mill District, 450 SW Powerhouse Dr., #407, 541-385-9144, The exhibit is a group show by gallery artists using all painting mediums, glass, photography, sculpture and ceramics the gallery will celebrate all things earthly...flora and fauna, animals and elements. First Friday reception is 5:00 to 9:00pm.

Pat Clark of Atelier 6000  hosts "Hidden Agendas" through May. National, international, regional and local artists are represented in the very first presentation of an exhibition devoted to the Artists’ Book. The handcrafted book may tell a story or expose hidden layers; reveal emotions or make you laugh as artists explore a wide interpretation of the theme Hidden Agendas. Who would have thought that books could be used for something other than, well, reading? Turn a page on the notion of ‘the book’ and look at it as a vehicle for art. Atelier 6000 is located at 389 SW Scalehouse Ct., Suite 120, 541-330-8759,

Pam Jersey Bird is a featured artist at North Sole located at 800 Wall Street. Pam's work originates in observation, yet she paints from imagination. As an intuitive painter she wants to take her work beyond realistic portrayal, from what is perceived to what is experienced. She loves working in this gestural style with many layers, painting very fast laying down marks and strokes. She then begins layering over with more glaze, letting lower layers peek through giving a sense of depth. Be sure to include this as a must see on your art walk!

A showing of animal paintings and sculptures by Vivian Olsen and Joren Traveller can be seen at Alleda Real Estate (25 Minnesota Ave., Bend). Two local wildlife artists present Wild and Tame, a combination of paintings and sculptures depicting a variety of media and animal subjects in an exhibit devoted to the animals they love. Both artists are members of the High Desert Art League.

Desperado Contemporary & Nostalgic Western Store at 330 SW Powerhouse in Bend features High Desert Art League member Barbara Slater who is inspired by the “out west” way of life and cowboy culture with a touch of city glitz. Painting oils with energy and spirit, this artist’s pigmentation is rich and succulent, while her brushwork is bold and responsive. Barbara continues her studies with different genres, painting still-lifes, florals, landscapes and animals. Animals are her present focus with images of vibrant roosters, horses, cows and other barnyard residents. Painting these rural inhabitants with love and respect, Barbara gives each animal an attitude and personality.

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