Thursday, May 24, 2012

Artists Working in Series

The High Desert Art League presents an exhibit where the artists create multiple works from a single thought or idea. Their show “Interpretations---Works in a Series” will open at Elsinore Gallery in Salem on June 2, with a reception from 3-5pm. This show will also be exhibited at Broken Top Clubhouse in Bend September 20 - mid-October.
When artists work in a series they are creating a group of thematically connected works. Usually artists will produce these works sequentially exploring a common element or approach. Beyond painting a singular subject in various ways, artists may produce works with broader themes such as a series of dancers, as in Degas’ paintings and sculpture of ballerinas. Artists may produce work exploring a consistent design treatment or color mood, as in Picasso’s blue period paintings.
Creating artwork in a series offers artists a means to discover possibilities. By keeping one element consistent and varying other elements an artist can assess the effectiveness of their approach.
“ While working on one image an idea will come to me for a fresh perspective on the same subject. It has been exciting to see my work evolve over several paintings created in a series” explains Helen Brown.
Artists showing their work at the Elsinore Gallery in Salem during June are Pam Jersey Bird, Cindy Briggs, Helen Brown, Pat Clark, Richard Frederick, Cameron Kaseberg, David Kinker, Jacqueline Newbold, Vivian Olsen, Janice Rhodes, Barbara Slater, and Joren Traveller.
“Interpretations – Works in a Series” is on display through May 28th June 2rd at the Elsinore Gallery, located at 444 Ferry St SE, Salem, (503) 581-4642.
The High Desert Art League also shows monthly at Alleda Real Estate on Minnesota St. in Downtown Bend.

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  1. We delivered our work yesterday to this Salem gallery. I think the show will be fantastic!